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Stormaster ESE Air Terminal

Stormaster ESE Air Terminal
Stormaster ESE Air Terminal
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Product Description

LPI's High Voltage Shielded Cable (HVSC) is a high integrity low impedance cable, which is designed to convey lightning energy to ground with minimal risk of side flashing or structure electrification. The need to reduce side flashing and structure electrification protects both personnel and sensitive electronic equipment from the devastating risks of a lightning strike.

The design of the HVSC incorporates carefully selected dielectric components to ensure optimum performance under high impulse conditions, this design provides a low inductance per unit length with low surge impedance. Upon the injection of lightning current through the HVSC, the voltage rise in comparison to a standard conventional down conductor such as flat copper tape is reduced by a factor of between 25 and 30.

The HVSC provides flexible installations options, whereby the cable can be installed internal to the building through air ducts, electrical cable risers, or external to the building.

Technical Data:


HVSC Configuration: 7 Layer cable consisting of the following.
Inner Core
Concentric Conductor
Inner Binding Tape
Insulation Material
Metallic Screen
Outer Binding Tape
Outer Sheath
Concentric Conductor: Nominal cross sectional area 90mm2
Sheath Thickness (Nominal): 3.00mm
Overall Diameter (Approx): 37mm
Weight of Cable: 2.050 kg per metre
Electrical Characteristics: DC Resistance of conductor at 20 ºC (Max) Ohm/km 0.387
DC Resistance of screen at 20 ºC (Max) Ohm/km 0.448
Insulation resistance at 20 ºC (Min) M Ohm-km 1,830
Thermal Short circuit current (1 second) KA 7.15
Warranty: 1 Year