ISO 9001:2008 certified company was established in the year 2005


Lightning Protection (ESE & CSE)
A Lightning Protection (ESE & CSE) is intended to shield a structure against any harm because of lightning strikes through blocking such strikes and securely passing the elevated currents to ground. This framework incorporates a system of air terminals, holding conductors as well as ground anodes intended to give a low impedance way to the ground for possible strikes.
Chemical Earthing System
Chemical Gel Earthing System is utilized nearly in each place to shield the whole power framework against voltage vacillation and different catastrophic event that can damage the power framework. Additionally, the powerful consequences fulfill the purchasers proficiently.
Lightning Arrester
We are dealing in the manufacturing and supplying of top quality Lightning Arrester that are especially designed for the protection against the large electrical signals and lightning. These components are designed as per the industrial standards by using top quality materials that make them durable and long lasting. 

Surge Protection Device
We are offering wide range of Surge Protection Device that can be used in industrial systems, solar power plants and other electrically powered installations for the safe working of units like variable frequency drives, inverters, telecommunications devices and many more.
Metal Lugs
Metal Lugs availed by us are especially made up for the heavy electrical systems to make reliable and tight joints in between the conducting wire and metallic assemblies. Top quality engineering materials are used for the fabrication of these compact connecting elements.
Surge Filter
Surge filter is a surge protection device that can be easily installed on different electrical networks. Any sudden surge in electrical power will not cause any damage to the equipment and devices only if there is a surge filter connected. 

Lightning Strike Recorder
Lightning Strike Recorder are industrial grade measuring instruments that gives the number of strikes of the lightning which is recorded with a highly calibrated meter. There are many different types of such equipment availed by us in various different variants. 
Earth Pit Chamber
Our company provides premium quality Earth Pit Chamber that are designed and developed by using plastic materials with high strength to weight ratio. These are commonly used to provide extra safety to underground electrical grounding system. 
Copper Bonded Rod
Copper Bonded Rod are highly conductive elements that are widely used in electrical earthing systems for the transfer of surge currents to the ground. These are highly popular due to their high dimensional accuracy, structural stability and higher conductivity.
Earth Pit Covers
Buy from us earth pit covers in different shapes made from high strength plastic material. These covers are used for earthing areas, like airports, railway stations, commercial areas, residential areas, industrial areas, to name a few.