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Copper Bonded Rod

Copper Bonded Rod are essential elements that are used for the construction of highly reliable and sturdy earthing system for the safety of the electrical installations from the lightning during thunderstorm or current surges in mains supply. Premium class copper with almost negligible resistance is used for the fabrication of these solid bars. Copper Bonded Rod availed by us are also provided with thread at their ends that makes it very easier to install them by fastening them within the assembly block with same threaded profile of internal threads. They are available in different lengths and diameters and are also provide with an anti-corrosive coating for the protection from rust and corrosion.

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Copper Bonded Earth Rod


  • Material: Carbon Steel Bonded With Copper
  • Description:Copper Bonded Earth Rod
  • Connection Type:Threaded Coupler
  • Standards:BS 7430, BS 6651, UL467

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Copper Bonded Rod

Price: 4,600 INR/Piece

UL listed Copper Bonded Rod is of a high quality which complies with the most demanding regulations, for efficient and long-lasting earthing. Copper bonded rods are made by molecularly bonding pure electrolytic copper (99.9%) onto a low carbon, high tensile steel core with exceeding 0.254 mm (254 microns) thick. Low carbon & high tensile steel core is selected to ensure a perfect and even bonding between the steel and copper. The thickness of the copper layer is of minimum 254 microns to meet the UL 467 standard. The low carbon tensile steel comply with UL 467, BS 970 & AISI 1018 that has the great capacity of being stretched or extended at least up to 600 N/mm2. The steel rods are extremely opposed to oxidization and add a lot of strength & longevity to the electrical grounding system.