ISO 9001:2008 certified company was established in the year 2005


Lightning Protection (ESE & CSE)
A Lightning Protection (ESE & CSE) is intended to shield a structure against any harm because of lightning strikes through blocking such strikes and securely passing the elevated currents to ground. This framework incorporates a system of air terminals, holding conductors as well as ground anodes intended to give a low impedance way to the ground for possible strikes.
Chemical Gel Earthing System
Chemical Gel Earthing System is utilized nearly in each place to shield the whole power framework against voltage vacillation and different catastrophic event that can damage the power framework. Additionally, the powerful consequences fulfill the purchasers proficiently.
Earthing & Bonding Products
Our company gives a broad scope of Earthing & Bonding Products for the establishment of a lower impedance earthing framework. Regardless you are introducing a committed lightning earth or a provisional earth network, it is fundamental to guarantee workforce security and give a viable earth that will constrain disturbances to services.
ESE Lightning Arrester
Our ESE Lightning Arrester is essentially used to give data number of lightning strikes that our lightning security framework has securely released. This framework is appropriate for a wide range of climatic conditions and high heights, moreover. It is planned and made as per industry norms.