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Lightning Warning System

Lightning Warning System
Lightning Warning System
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Product Description
With rich expertise in this domain, we are engaged in manufacturing, supplying and exporting durable Lightening Warning System. Offered systems are the perfect example of the advancement in technology. These systems are used for detecting the lightening activity, under the radar of 15 km. Offered systems buzz alert alarm, when lightening reaches under the radius of 10-12km and if the storm passes aways, 'all clear' siren is buzzed. Portable Lightener Warning System is widely used for sports complexes, construction sites and mining sites.


1) Early "detection of lightning activity within 15km
2) "Alert" alarm signalled when lightning approaches within 8-10 km
3) "All Clear" siren once the storm has passed
4) Data collection via download

Product Description:

LPI ® Lightning Warning System is a non-directional local detection instrument designed to provide early warning of an approaching storm front that contains lightning discharges. It has been designed to give warning to personnel that lightning may occur within the area. The durable Lightner Warning System is microprocessor controlled which provides concise easily understood alarms; it provides an alarm situation when the internal analysis of prevailing conditions indicate the approach of lightning. The system antenna senses alterations in the electric field strength and also detects both near and far lightning discharges. An alarm is triggered when either the static field changes or when a far or nearby lightning discharge is detected. Two levels of alarm status are provided by the system.

Warning Alert Status:

Is given when the system detects the presence of lightning within a 10-15 km radius or that the electric field strength approaches 4kV/m. The Warning Alert is the first indication that a storm may be approaching and could arrive in the area being monitored within approximately 20-30 minutes. No action needs to be taken at the Warning Alert stage; this first level of alarm is to alert the user of lightning activity, however it may bypass the monitored area. Alert Alarm Status Is given when the system detects lightning discharges within an 8-10 kilometre radius or that the electric field strength has risen to 7kV/m. The Alert Alarm indicates that the storm front is approaching the monitored area and is likely to arrive in approximately 10-15 minutes. In the event of a storm cell forming directly overhead, the system will detect this and trigger the Alert Alarm. When the Alert Alarm status is announced it will activate an external alarm (siren) to warn of impending danger.


Early warning of lightning in close proximity allows for appropriate safety precautions to be implemented across a wide variety of industry groups. Typical industry applications for the LPI® LWS include:

1) Mining Sites including applications where explosives are used for blasting purposes
2) Construction Sites
3) Oil and Gas Production
4) Sports such as golf, football, tennis and horse racing tracks
5) General outdoor recreational activities

One of the most common applications where the LPI® LWS is utilized is in providing lightning warning for golf courses. Death and injuries as a result of lightning is not uncommon to golfers all over the world. With golf course management bound by a "duty of care" to all golfers and course employee's, the LPI ® LWS provides an accurate and reliable lightning detection system which removes the guess work with respect to approaching electrical storms and allows for the safe and timely postponement of play.


1) Main console
2) Antenna assembly with 50m cable
3) Electronic siren with 20m cable
4) RS232 cable for PC based event logging
5) Software (supplied on CD)
6) Earthing kit
7) AC power cable